Clear vision with Rodenstock FogFree cloths

Never again have fogged lenses: Make sure you always have the best perspective with the Rodenstock FogFree cloth. This ensures not only more visual comfort, but also provides radiantly beautiful eyes!


Does this sound familiar? When, for example, you come in from the cold, when you start sweating during sports, or you open the dishwasher after it has finished, your lenses fog up in a flash. This can be remedied by the innovative FogFree cloths from Rodenstock.

They are quite simple to use: breathe on the clear lenses, rub them with the Rodenstock FogFree cloth for around 10 seconds, and put the cloth back into its resealable cover. Finished! The cloths come in a pack of three and can be used up to approximately 20 times.

Our FogFree cloth works best with our innovative Solitaire® Protect Plus 2 lens coating. It protects lenses against scratches, dirt, dust and water, which are bothersome factors that have a decisive adverse effect on visual comfort. Thanks to the super antireflection coating, you also profit from benefits such as aesthetic looks and reflection-free vision.

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