Success concept for the best vision: EyeLT®

With our revolutionary EyeLT® technology, we can manufacture progressive lenses that use your vision potential to the maximum.

We are the only glasses manufacturer that can calculate the individual aberrations of the human eye for any gaze direction depending on the pupil size with EyeLT®. The result is the highest precision RODENSTOCK lenses of all times. You can use 100 % of your personal vision potential.

Progressive lenses with EyeLT® open up a new dimension of vision and make it possible for you to see more and sharper up close.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Highest brand quality from RODENSTOCK, recognisable by the visible R signature
  • Comprehensive, individual analysis of the entire vision system consisting of the glasses and eyes
  • Sharpest and highest-contrast vision, especially at dusk
  • Maximum comfort
  • Immediate, optimum compatibility

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