Why computer glasses too?

Computer or workplace glasses are orientated specifically around the requirements of every day at work, which other glasses cannot master.

Requirements of your eyes
✔ Quickly focussing at different distances
✔ Monotonous, laborious computer work
✔ Infrequent blinking, hence dry eyes
✔ Often poor lighting
Vision with progressive glasses
✔ They facilitate smooth vision from up close to far away
✔ No need to constantly change glasses
✖ The visual zone in the reading and intermediate distance is relatively narrow
✖ Can lead to unnatural posture at the workplace
✖ Vision stress and neck tension from more frequent head movements
Vision with reading glasses
✔ Good near vision up to 40 cm, the keyboard for example
✖ Not optimum for distance to the screen, ca. 60-80 cm
✖ Poor focussing, e.g. on a wall calendar or at colleagues in the room
✖ Leads to relieving postures and tension
✖ Frequent glasses changes are needed
Vision with computer glasses
✔ Individually adapted to your eye movements and visual habits at the workplace
✔ Extra-wide fields of vision at reading distance up to room depth
✔ Ergonomic body posture
✔ Comfortable vision even in your free time

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